Janis Blom – Glasgow
Janis became a franchise in 2017 having shadowed the head office team on a couple of installations in 2016. In September she was approached by Debenhams to produce a scheme for their Glasgow store as a trial which, if successful would be rolled out across all stores for Christmas 2018. The Manchester store caught wind of what was happening and decided to be art of the experiment. Janis approached head office to come up with three possible schemes that would suit the front of the two buildings in question. These final ‘go ahead’ was very late, towards the end of October, yet Janis managed to put together a suitable team, access equipment, organise the permits that were required and get the product made to suit. The Glasgow install was worth £20,000 per annum on a three-year rental agreement. The job went to plan and was completed over 2 nights. Due to its potential complexity and future value Janis was accompanied on the first night by a member of the head office team to get the jobs started and show the installers the method to follow. Lucky Gavin in Manchester was handed a £30,600 per annum job (every year for 3 years) due to all of Janis’s hard work. In addition to the Debenhams contract which could be worth over £200k in 2018, Janis also successfully undertook work leaving clients delighted and exceeding the typical first years turnover by 300%




Charlotte Garvie – Edinburgh
Charlotte joined the network in 2017 and has just completed her first Christmas season alongside operating with her event management business. Shortly after completing her training, Charlotte was approached by Edinburgh Airport with a request to light up the control tower. This is the first time any such job has been taken on and had to be approved by the CAA. On the day of the sales meeting, Charlotte was supported by a member of head office management who subsequently assisted Charlotte in producing computer generated visuals along with a proposal for the client and helped Charlotte work her way through all the technical requirements of the CAA. Charlotte subsequently won the job worth £16,000 to wrap the control tower in string lights and snowflakes. Charlotte put together and trained her own installation team and arranged for suitable powered access equipment to be on site. On the first day of the installation, Charlotte was again supported on site by head office management. The final results looked amazing and in Charlotte’s words were worth all the hard work over the week it took to complete the job and made her feel very proud of what she had achieved as a new franchisee. The control tower was featured in the local press which gave Charlotte a tremendous boost. The airport management team were delighted with the end results and going forward hope to be able to build on this.



Marion Rosery – Northants and Milton Keynes
Marion and her partner Dave Ogilvie also joined us in 2017. Marion came from a retail and visual merchandising background for a high street chain whilst Dave runs his own roofing business but he has also been very involved in the installation side of the franchise. In the summer as a result taking in a brochure to their office, Marion was offered the opportunity to quote for a job with Milton Keynes Business Improvement district, to decorate some of the key areas of the town centre. Marion was supported by head office all the way through the sales process and understanding the requirements of working on high streets. On winning the job which in the first year was worth £79,050, Marion was ecstatic, although a little nervous. Most of the job entailed large props being manufactured specifically for the client by our steel fabricator, such as 9 sets of large sets of gift parcels and a giant walk in gift box, a giant bauble stack, 2 large modern zig zag trees and “The Three Kings” who were 14ft high and paced on top of a church. Marion and Dave put their own installation team together, trained them and completed the whole installation themselves. The chairman of the BID was delighted with the results and is already planning to add additional decorations this year.



Paul & Vicky Lally
Paul Lally was a fireman and his wife Vicky a model. They both loved Christmas and had a challenge when they stayed in Orlando at Christmas and couldn't find anyone to decorate their villa for their arrival. Paul stumbled across The Christmas Decorators by accident while driving past the Liverpool office one day. The next thing you know Paul and Vicky were customers having the outside of their house lit. Living in the upmarket Lancashire village of Formby, their home gained a lot of attention. Head office received a call from Paul one day saying that he wanted to learn more about the business and stating "I used to watch the TV in my shorts and I can't anymore since I have to answer the door every 10 minutes to someone wanting to know who decorated my house!". The rest is history...Paul and Vicky now decorate trees for the local town councils around their territory as well as local shopping centres and many footballers homes including Steven Gerard, Andy Carroll and some of the wealthiest business people in the north of England. Paul and his team are also responsible for decorating Liverpool Football Club. Paul and Vicky are one of our long established franchise operations and is always willing to advise newer franchisees on larger jobs with his technical and product knowledge and experience.

AN accolade of PRESTIGIOUS clients

We are proud to work with some of the United Kingdoms top brands and department stores such as Harrods, Broadgate Estates, and Hilton Hotels and many more.

"The Magic Doesn't Just Happen"

Liverpool Football Club: Paul Lally

As a Liverpool based company I am delighted and proud to decorate Liverpool Football Club

Harrods: Louise Walsh

You can’t get a much higher profile name in retail than Harrods and 4 years into my franchise I am proud to say my team and I decorate much of the interior of Harrods in London.


This was the first time working with a high street retailer, in providing the same decorations in a number of their stores across the UK at the same time through our network of franchisees. The success of which has led to discussions with O2 to decorate all their stores in 2018.

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Loved every minute of the install season although really hard work. Can’t wait for next Christmas.


Amazed by how well our services have been received by local businesses. Huge Potential

East Sussex

A massive learning curve in year 1 and really hard work but enjoyed it all with potential clients already in the pipeline for 2018.


This is an industry with huge growth potential that is almost impossible to fully exploit in your given territory. It is a great business for creating a good work/lifestyle balance.


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