The investment of £20,450 plus VAT ensures that we can offer you all the vital components to guarantee your business will be a success.  Once we receive these funds we then spend them on your new business.  Being a member of the BFA (British Franchise Association) we follow the code of ethical franchising which dictates that there shouldn't be any profit gained from establishing a new franchise.  Naturally our aim is to make money and we do this by charging a MSF (management service fee) based on your turn over.


So once you're signed up here's what's included in your package.

  • Protected territory

    You'll be given your exclusive area to trade in and grow to its full potential. The area in which you live is ideal as this is no doubt where you'll be most familiar

  • 10 day initial training

    We'll teach you all about our products and services and show you how to make and install them. Done in bite size chunks so you can take it all in.
  • Operations Manual

    Our manual covers everything from employment to VAT and putting baubles on garland to lighting 65ft oak trees – and everything in-between.
  • A dedicated franchise manager

    Someone to help you launch and grow your business, on hand 5 days a week throughout the year and 7 days a week until 10pm at the busy Christmas period.
  • Head office support

    Credit card processing, job referrals, computer generated images, proposal checking, sourcing of specialist items, backup support on large installs.
  • Marketing materials

    A stock of beautiful leather bound hardback brochures and portfolio, a huge copy of references and testimonials from clients and a press portfolio.
  • Uniforms

    Branded fleeces, polo shirts, hi-vis vests and work trousers for you and your team.
  • Stationery

    Business cards and branded letterheads.
  • Laptop

    Loaded with image galleries, spreadsheets, forms you'll need.
  • Regional Web Page

    Easily edit your own web page using the latest technology in Web Development to give a local feel.
  • Access to stock system

    See real time stock levels and order supplies at below wholesale costs.
  • Annual conference

    Post Christmas two day annual conference in May where we get excited and prepare for the season.
  • Launch support

    Assistance in analysing your area, targeting your market and building your database as well as help with local press releases to announce your arrival.
  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Social Media

PrOmotionial video

Want to know more about our products and services? Take a look at our promotional video.


If you have any questions or would simply like to findout more information, please contact Gill O'Brien.


The Christmas Decorators Ltd
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(Gill O'Brien - Available Mon-Fri 9am-8pm)
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