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Below are some of the reasons, we believe, that make The Christmas Decorators such an attractive business opportunity.  In a world where almost every type of business has been franchised, not many are truly as exciting, rewarding and as profitable.  In the current economic situation we have noticed many businesses claiming to be "recession proof". But are they really?  Over the last few years our franchisees have seen annual growth in both the home decorating and commercial sectors. Christmas 2012 is already proving to be another record breaker!
Low cost investment with quick returns
To become a Christmas Decorators franchise will require an initial investment of £19,500.  If you take up our finance package you can spread this over 5 years which means just a couple of jobs per year will pay back your investment amount. Everything else is money in the bank.

Better returns than most franchised businesses within our investment level
If you look at other business investments out there you will see that ours is far more realistic in it's earning potential. 

One of a kind business with nothing else like it in the UK
We pioneered the market of residential Christmas decorating here in the UK and still lead the way with little to no competition.  There is certainly no other franchise operating within our market.  There’s nothing out there like us, so it’s a simple case of letting people in your area know that we exist and your service will take off and grow.

Low running costs working from home
No need for an office or a warehouse, work from the comfort of your own home, certainly while you are starting your business.  Only once you have built up your sales will you require a storage unit which are quite inexpensive and only need be relative in cost to your turnover.

Earn an annual income in just 3 to 4 months per year
The install season is from the end of October until a few days before Christmas with a further week of takedown and storage in January.  Of course you should ideally put in a few hours a week into planning and sales appointments throughout the year.  This is also an ideal add on business for self employed people who’s businesses are typically quiet at this time of the year such as the gardening industry, roofers, window cleaners, etc…

Great profit margins
In your first year of a rental agreement your margin is typically 30% however since you only have the cost of installation and takedown in years 2 and 3, your margins should be as high as 80%

Comprehensive training to get you off the ground successfully
We’ll teach you all you need to know in a comprehensive 10 day training plan that covers, product knowledge, marketing, sales as well as hands on indoor and outdoor decorating

Ongoing training and support  throughout the year
We are only successful when you are, so we make sure that we are there for you throughout the year to support you on sales appointments, help with writing proposals, your first install or just to chat about ideas.  Your dedicated franchise manager is on hand throughout the year via phone, Skype and will visit you regularly. In March we hold our annual conference and a further pre Christmas conference in September as well as several training sessions during the year.

Product supply is direct from our manufacturers at below wholesale prices
We make our own products in our far east factories and you have direct access to our unique range of Christmas lights, Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, baubles and floral decorations.  Everything is available from our private online store showing real-time stock levels – prices are below wholesale cost.

Almost 100% of customers return every year
Christmas happens every 12 months right? Pretty much every customer will remain a customer for life as long as they are happy with your service, so every year your existing customers fill your diary. You can see how in 3 years of operating, you don’t even need any new customers, servicing existing customers will probably fill your diary.

An easy to sell business
There is no hard selling in this business.  Our marketing plan and materials and established brand make it easy for customers to make their decision. 

Rewarding to see the results of your efforts
There’s nothing like seeing a customers face when an install is completed and switched on for the first time. 

Thoroughly enjoyable
There’s nothing quite like making a living from making people so happy from the results of your hard work. You’re making money from putting up Christmas decorations – how fantastic!

A close knit support network from our family of franchisees
We enjoy working with all our franchisees and like to think of it as one big happy family.  We encourage lots of communication above and beyond the 3 or 4 occasions when we all officially meet every year. We have a private Facebook community to swap ideas, experiences, information, etc… There is nothing like having a neighbouring franchise when you need a hand on a big job as well!

Media attention
Over the years we have attracted hundreds of journalists and featured numerous times in pretty much every news paper in the UK as well as a multitude of magazines.  We have also featured on many radio shows as well as film a pilot show for the BBC which will be a "fly on a the wall" documentary about us!!!

Job referrals, joint ventures and existing customers
At head office we receive hundreds of enquiries which we pass on to relevant franchisees.  Some jobs are really big so we will allocate them to 2 or 3 franchisees to share.  In many areas of the UK we have existing clients that may already be in your area.

A client list to die for
If you take a look around our main site www.thechristmasdecorators.com
you see images and testimonials from a very impressive client list.  Good customers attract good customers.  We share with you a vast array of written testimonials which give assurance and confidence to new customers.



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