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Here's what typically happens next


  1. Talk to your friends and family about what you are hoping to embark upon especially if they intend to support or work with you in your new venture.
  2. Give us a call for an informal chat followed by a meeting at head office then return home to carry out your due diligence.
  3. Sign agreement, pay investment funds or organise your finance through RBS/Natwest should you require.
  4. Start your training program.
  5. Start trading.

We look forward to welcoming you into our festive family of franchises and being part of building our brand!








Q1. Apart from the initial investment, how much working capital will I need?
Ans. Around £20,000 is normally sufficient?


Q2. Can I speak with any existing franchisees?
Ans. Yes of course, all of their contact details can be found on our website.


Q3, After the initial term of 5 years, do I have to pay another franchisee fee.
Ans. No, providing you are happy to renew for a further 5 years, there is nothing further to pay.


Q4. How much is the MSF (Management Service Fee)?
Ans. The MSF is 10% of your nett sales (excl VAT) and is payable annually around February each year.


Q5. Do I need to take advice from a solicitor?
Ans. We always advise any new franchisee to speak with a Franchise solicitor who will advise accordingly.


Q6. Is it possible to continue in full time employment and still be a franchisee?
Ans. In principal yes, it all depends on the nature of your employment and how flexible your working arrangements are. It is best to discuss this with us on an individual basis.


Q7. Can I raise the money needed for the investment and working capital?
Ans. Yes; subject to status. Most of the main banks have specialist Franchise departments who understand franchising. Through the production of a professionally produced business plan and financial sustainability report, we can assist you raise the money needed from a variety of sources.


Q8. Is there an opportunity to earn an income year round through the franchise?
Ans. Yes, there are various opportunities throughout the year to supplement your income, there are many festivals throughout the year and branch wrapping trees during the early part of the year can be highly profitable and demand is growing for this type of service, but first and foremost we are The Christmas Decorators.

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